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in B to B logistics

SNDR, the specialist of B to B cross-chanel distribution.

The availability of your products in-store is one of your main concerns.

To guarantee your clients a successful shopping experience, you can count on a reliable, responsive, competitive and secured logistics partner.

Outsource your logistics to refocus on your core business !

As a leader in ready-to-wear-logistics, we know your profession, your products, your requirements and your issues. We supply every day national and international distribution networks to the points of sale in exact accordance with your design briefs.

We increase our volume of pieces processed regularly thanks to the quality in the services offered and our clients trust : Season order, restocking, trade exchanges, storage... We also guide you for your destocking operations, commercial operations, event sales...

Our very powerful logistical solutions, which are global or tailored, are adapted to your B to B distribution :

Reception of end products from all over the world, reporting, inventory, storage, picking, packaging and packing, codification, preparation of transport documents, shipment to points of sale.

Logistique B to B SNDR Fashioning
Gestion de l'information SNDR Fashioning

The management of the controlled information

The EDI interface between our computer systems guarantees a perfect control of the stock and a real-time processed order tracking, from the reception of items to the distribution (tracability, delivery time and place…). Then, you benefit from an optimum fluidity of logistics flows from shipping to delivery in your points of sale thanks to our provided WMS system.

Our tools :
We are equipped with different tools to provide your services of B to B logistics : Racking for the storage of pallets, scanners, stock tracking softwares which allow to « scan » pieces from « the entry to the shipping » (barcode reader ...), specific softwares on SDSL lines …

Reception and storage

Your items are delivered by different suppliers on our logistics platforms. Our informatic system (WMS: Warehouse Management System) controls, makes automatically an inventory of these parts ID (barcodes) and integrates them in our database connected to EDI with your internal computer systems (ERP). The articles in sachets, in boxes and on hangers are stored in secured, exclusive and confidential areas. The storage areas dedicated to each client are adapted according to the type of product. 

Réception et stockage SNDR Fashioning
Réception SNDR Fashioning
Stockage SNDR Fashioning
Préparation de commandes SNDR Fashioning

Order picking

Orders are taken into account and processed by our informatic system. Items are whithdrawn from stock and packed with care according to your requirements specification. Thanks to barcode identification, we insure optimum order tracking and safety of orders. Packaging can be done with a palett, a parcel or in envelopes. Items are delivered if necessary in collective covers and on a hanger. Our key priority is customer satisfaction.

Préparation de commandes SNDR
Expédition SNDR Fashioning

Shipping and distribution

Items are shipped and distributed in your different points of sale by carriers. Our high-quality system (web-transport) linked to EDI allows you to choose the most adapted transport mode according to volume, destination and degree of urgency (messagerie courier service, express, freight afrètement…).

Our project team advises you and drives your transport operations to optimise your supply chain. You can enjoy special tariff advantages thanks to the mutualisation and the globalisation of our services. We ship and distribute worldwide.

Distribution SNDR Fashioning
Logistique des retours SNDR Fashioning

Reverse logistics

The management of returns is done according to a customized process. When we receive your articles, we identify the diverse types of returns: trade exchange, the returns from « corners » and boutiques, season’s end items, defective products.

Items are controlled, quantified and sorted by reference, colour and size. They are repackaged according to specifications (bagging, labelling, pose of antithefts…).

We establish a comprehensive list of your products compliant and available for sale.

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