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Leader in

ready-to-wear logistics

The transportation of products made by air, sea and land implies a packaging optimization.

At SNDR, we have the solution !!!

The Fashioning keeps the advantages of optimised routing and guarantees the enhancement of articles and an ideal presentation : an exclusive and tailored service.

Our service deliveries :

Uncreasing and ironing, conformity and quality control, alterations and repairs, stain removal and washing, labelling of items (customization), packaging…

Uncreasing and ironing

Our uncreasing and ironing latest equipment is at your disposal to provide you with a first class service. For the uncreasing of your outer clothing, we use our steam manikins. Your trousers are handled thanks to our toppers. Our high performance uncreasing tunnels ensure series uncreasing. For the most delicate of your articles, we ensure ironing with a steam iron on suction and faning boards.

Défroissage SNDR Fashioning
Repassage SNDR Fashioning
Repassage SNDR
Contrôle qualité SNDR Fashioning

Quality and conformity control

Our people come from garment making trades. They review and control your items in all its forms thanks to your types of collections, material portfolios, technical supports and requirements specifications.

For the products’ compliance, different control points are made : Measuring process, review of the seams, fault locating, stains and lacking points. Product tests are carried out (washing, stability and removal tests…).

Then we send a detailed report (photos and texts) according to anomalies encountered. In addition, we offer the wearer fitting and the sending of samples.

Conformité SNDR Fashioning
Qualité et conformité SNDR Fashioning

Alterations and repairs

Our technical teams repair and retouch your articles thanks to a wide range of sewing machines :

  • Flat bed lockstitcher(simple and double drive)
  • Overlock machine (4 yarns)
  • Buttons welding machine (2 holes, 4 holes)
  • Alterations manually…
Retouches et réparations SNDR Fashioning
Détachage et lavage SNDR Fashioning

Stain removal and washing

Further to the reception of you parts in poor conditions, they can’t be delivered and placed on the market as is. We are equipped with industrial equipment : Stain removal, water washing and dry cleaning. Our technical teams will pay as much attention as possible to the presentation of your collections.


We make different operations following your specification :

  • Labelling : swifted labels, with an inviolable sealed bead labels, cards, self-adhesive labels…
  • Pose of antitheft tags
  • Pose of barcodes
  • Pose of size chips
  • Pose of labels
  • Pose of composition labels
  • Pose of « trouve taille »… 
Personnalisation SNDR Fashioning
Conditionnement SNDR Fashioning


We optimize the management of supplies for the preparation of your orders : hangers, labels, covers, bags, cardboards… We package your articles respecting your specifications: The choice of hangers, the position of labels, the type of folding, the cardboards format…

We carry out more specific packagings such as boxing, the shaping of gift box, the making of promotional kits, the assembly and the filing of displays…

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